Taking up Golf as a hobby?

When in doubt, you just have to indulge and clear it up. Let us list down the top things that every non golfer who wants to play the game has on his mind –

Golf must be an expensive game!
When you are planning to play a game, it is only fair when you invest on the equipment and proper playing shoes. It could be any game; a basic principal amount needs to be spent up. When it comes to golf, you need to spend on shoes, clubs and equipment which could cost way higher than you would spend on any other game. In general, this game is not affordable to a wide range of people. At the same time, it could not be pushed aside as a game only for the high-earning group.

In a recent statistics, it was found that an average of a golfer’s income ranges from 90000 dollars here thegolfshoponline. It simply means that more of the average earning class has not taken up the game seriously. There are budget ways you could play the game as well. You could always opt for the second hand equipment and gear and go for the advantage twilight fares. These are really affordable; however the general assumption of the game being played by high income group still prevails commonly.

You need all day to play a game of golf!
The most likely general assumption from non players of golf is about the game taking forever to get done. The game takes about 3 hours at the minimum. Obviously there are games which take more than 6 hours.  It depends on how many holes you are playing, on what day. For instance, an 18 - holes game by itself takes about 5 hours. If played on a weekend or holiday where the course is full and the players are in a mood for slow playing, then it is fairly going to take all day.

The game of cricket for instance is a game played for long hours too. If you are playing innings in a test, it could take all of your day too. If you love the game and don’t mind spending time on the course, it really is a lovable game. If you are on a tight schedule and want to wind up early, you could choose to play a nine - holes game. That fits into a budget as well and you could finish it off early. Being fair to the game, it is only a pleasure spending that time on the game.

Are those golf shirts for real?
Another issue a lot of people cite for not playing golf is the golf clothes they need to wear if they were playing. The golf clothes are not a favorite among many sets of people. A while ago, they had dress code for the game. There were instances where people were not allowed to play if they were not following the color codes or dress codes.

These days, the rules have been quite relaxed by the golf courses. There are several athletic gears which are designed for golf and we are seeing many players sporting that gear while playing their game. A shirt with collar is still among the dress code, but definitely quite relaxed than earlier.

A game of golf is really hard to play
This by far is not an assumption. A game of golf is extremely tough and challenging. There are many books and tutorial teaching how to get the knack of the game and play it well. All these sustain in the market only because it takes enormous effort to master the game. Once you know to play, you are hooked on to it for your life.

There are so many established players who make it look like a cake walk. But you need concentration, strength and athletic attitude apart from raw skill to master the game. Now, we don’t want to be a master of any game, we just need to enjoy the game. You do not have to be really good to play a game. You could just hang out with your club members, have a beautiful game, watch some exciting shots, relax and chat with co golfers and have your part of
Learning the game is not difficult with so many golfers keen on teaching the fresh starters. You could always read a book on golf and get ready to play the game. If you have always wished to play the game and were waiting for action to begin, then there is no right time for it. You have to make time and enjoy your game.

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